Exterior House Painting Preparation


Where we take the 'pain' out of  painting!!!!!!!

The most important step in exterior house painting does not just involve a paintbrush or roller but rather paint scraping tools and sand paper. They say preparation is about 75% of the job and the 25% painting part is the easy bit !!!

There are two options on the exterior repaint of your timber weather boards. A: Remove all the paint back to the bare timber either by scraping, heat or strippers and re coat (3 coats) ( a very time consuming and expensive process) or B: Remove only the loose and faulty areas of the damaged paint, feather out the edges, sub coats to all the bare timber areas and 2 top coats. 

Preparing the surface prior to painting your home will make or break your paint job. Quite often it is not the paint film itself that fails but rather the adhesion of the paint to the surface below (often called "substrate" in painting lingo). The reason paint fails to adhere is because the surface to which it was applied was dirty, wet or was loose or rotten itself. So making sure your paint surface is clean, dry, free from grease, oils and flaking or loose paint will give your primer and paint a good surface from which to bond. All the edges of flaking or peeling paint needs to be taken back and feathered out.

Painting the exterior of your house over a dirty or poorly prepared surface is like building a house on a bad foundation, and that's never been a good idea.

Also remember,  There is paint !!  and there is PAINT  (good quality and poor).  There is a reason bulk paint is cheaper than 'quality' paint.  And it will show on how it covers and how long it will stay or last on the newly painted surface. The cheaper quality paints normally 'chalk' very badly ( the paint rubs of on your hand) after only a few years.

Painting and staining are some of the easiest ways to improve the look and value of your building, home or property. They are also good do-it yourself projects, though keep in mind, can you finish it !!! There are benefits to hiring a painting contractor to do the job for you, A good painting crew can do the job in a fraction of the time a do it yourselves can do it and many people would rather leave the mess of the prep and painting work to a painting contractor as well, and also have a warranty to go with what has been done. Many don't realise what a large job they have undertaken until they are part way through it !!!

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